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Жилийн өмнө
Eazy 17 цагийн өмнө
Africa should be one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. The amount of resources it holds it's unbelievable. To many corrupt,To much western intervention. A sad state for sure, I'm still in my 20s hopefully when Im 60 life improves the way the people there want it to. And not just western adoption.
ryuuproductions 17 цагийн өмнө
5600 worker fatalities, dayum...
Rajibul Islam
Rajibul Islam 18 цагийн өмнө
It's CCP's image, alright.
Chang Chun Kit
Chang Chun Kit 18 цагийн өмнө
Lives should change for the better for most Ethiopians, let there be a uniform wealth distribution from urban to rurals
Naiver Miigon
Naiver Miigon 18 цагийн өмнө
9:47 the “ShenZhen” on the map is spelled incorrectly (“Shenzen”)
Daddy Sempai Chan
Daddy Sempai Chan 19 цагийн өмнө
Oh god this is the Great Leap Forward all over again, but with Vaccine's instead of Grain's.
Dale 1
Dale 1 19 цагийн өмнө
Dude straight up you are a really good fucking MNdown or and very descriptive I love what you’re doing right now
黄瓜 19 цагийн өмнө
None sense. Tired of video made by western media about China. So ignorant.
bliffay 19 цагийн өмнө
hahaha genocide
bliffay 19 цагийн өмнө
rwanda knuckles
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 19 цагийн өмнө
There are 2 EV models on sale in the US that are still CHAdeMO - Nissan LEAF & Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, everything else is J1772/ccs OR Tesla (which can use an adapter) Most charging is done at home, most people don't need as much range as they think. Level 2 220v charging is much cheaper & can be installed in most houses. Apartment dwellers should try to get a 110v outlet installed to do some slow charging at night or better yet a 220v charger. See if you can make a deal with your landlord, check your local power company see if they have any incentives. Even if you have to pay for it it's worth it. If you don't want an EV or think you need to travel 600 mi nonstop, keep buying $4 gas.
Yuheng Wang
Yuheng Wang 19 цагийн өмнө
This vid is terrible. Seems the script is written by Trump.
Yuheng Wang
Yuheng Wang 19 цагийн өмнө
I would argue that if we can prevent the virus from spreading in China, why would we need vaccines anyways? At least for now.
goergie 19 цагийн өмнө
When someone in a games is the same small country. Me: Mom, there’s a guy from the same country Mom: Nice, I MEAN Ok then
Helen Parker
Helen Parker 19 цагийн өмнө
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Alexander Imadam
Alexander Imadam 18 цагийн өмнө
No doubt Olivia Trading Services is very good, invested $5,000 and cashed out $14,700 after 3 weeks. I still wonder how they get their analysis
Amy j. Jones
Amy j. Jones 18 цагийн өмнө
I thought of Investing in bitcoin around July Feb 2018 but was discouraged with the rise and fall of bitcoin. I don't know if it's still safe and ideal to invest now and what platform is recomended
Amy j. Jones
Amy j. Jones 18 цагийн өмнө
Well most problems of trades is overtrading..either trading too big
Beth l. Nair
Beth l. Nair 18 цагийн өмнө
As for me I invested 2btc and Expert Olivia made profit of 10btc within the period of 15days
Yuheng Wang
Yuheng Wang 19 цагийн өмнө
Funny how westerns doesn't solve the epidemic but to challenge others' effort
Adeelahmed Laghari
Adeelahmed Laghari 19 цагийн өмнө
One day whole world will be developed every country is trying to develope and advance
Cody Cai
Cody Cai 19 цагийн өмнө
垃圾自high鸡汤 结尾给我看笑了
Nick Carlson
Nick Carlson 20 цагийн өмнө
Fossil fuel industrial complex.
Mr Miner
Mr Miner 20 цагийн өмнө
ok remind me how this is cheaper than using a boat?
Dr. Quackenbacker
Dr. Quackenbacker 20 цагийн өмнө
All of this just goes over my dyscalculic head...but it seems cool.
Yufan Zhang
Yufan Zhang 20 цагийн өмнө
guys if you wanna know the Truth, please figure it out yourself, not listen to these institution
Ninad Pednekar
Ninad Pednekar 20 цагийн өмнө
It’s like Dwight offering donuts to the entire office while expecting a favour in return.
Darrin Nunyah
Darrin Nunyah 20 цагийн өмнө
"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" - Albert Einstein
DenaInWyo 21 цагийн өмнө
The CDC needs to get their shit together and stand behind the science they supposedly support. If vaccines are as effective as they want us to believe, let the ships sail with vaccinated people. If they don't, the lines are just going to go to non-US ports. People from the US will fly to those ports, cruise, and fly back. What the hell difference does that make, other than to keep an entire industry out of work?
Christopher Gaff
Christopher Gaff 21 цагийн өмнө
Do your home work,the government program works like this it cost you 1.2 million dollars to operate the flight and you only made $500,000 the government kicks in the balance
Lugul banda
Lugul banda 21 цагийн өмнө
the this industry has it issues ok, but spreading the crew over the earth with the rist to carry the virus around is a major error, special if concnetrated in one point... and whats with the ships stationary in harbor wich is a constant minus in the pocket.
Angus Wong
Angus Wong 21 цагийн өмнө
Love crack
Marcus Foote
Marcus Foote 22 цагийн өмнө
Just moved back to the states after living in Guam for 6 years. It was the absolute best time of my life so far. We most Definitely plan on moving back in a couple of years.
Ben Mannette
Ben Mannette 22 цагийн өмнө
13:25 it's almost as if. . . The free market shouldn't be involved here.
Pendulous Testicularis
Pendulous Testicularis 22 цагийн өмнө
Where does the electric power come from in the first place? Primarily by burning fossil fuels at a power plant. Furthermore, more environmental damage is done by digging for cobalt and the other rare earth stuff that goes into electric cars. So, its less environmentally friendly and more inconvenient.
Brook 21 цагийн өмнө
sure! But in the future the electricity will come from somewhere else (solar, turbines, etc.) so in the long run it’s WAYYY more efficient.
Jo Brodie
Jo Brodie 22 цагийн өмнө
There's a Mediterranean Ocean now?
Finn Con
Finn Con 22 цагийн өмнө
Poland watching like 😒😞
deepshotone 22 цагийн өмнө
Cheap flights are not my motivation for flying. I would love a better experience and Im willing to pay for it. I would love to see an airline that that has 1st class seating through out the entire plane. Two seats on each side of the plane, with big fluffy chairs with plenty of leg room. Im willing to pay the extra fee's..
Mahmoud Ashraf
Mahmoud Ashraf 22 цагийн өмнө
Sisi is an assassin
A Yao
A Yao 22 цагийн өмнө
USA resisted helping others, Okay. China helping small countries who are friendly to China, Bad. Pretty USA type. Btw, if human around the world could just act like chinese people for about a month, we won't even need a vaccine.
Mei Hui
Mei Hui 22 цагийн өмнө
Totally agree. The main issue is charging. There aren't any level 3 charging stations near where I live. And I live in a condo where there is no ac outlet in my parking spots.
Alaric Niemi
Alaric Niemi 22 цагийн өмнө
I finally paid the sub and got curiosity stream! no regrets! some of the most entertaining docs ive seen in a while
Lalbiaktluanga Ralte
Lalbiaktluanga Ralte 22 цагийн өмнө
How greedy china is
Striker 22 цагийн өмнө
FLH 22 цагийн өмнө
The world complained about China being a polluter when in fact it was the world's trash that they were burning. So, China said, f*kk it (you) and ended it.
Rhob 242
Rhob 242 22 цагийн өмнө
The top speed of a CVN is classified. Would have been nice to hear something about the smaller LHD carriers.
SpaceViking 22 цагийн өмнө
Less weapons more food. Humans just don’t get it.
Shurong Daniel Ge
Shurong Daniel Ge 23 цагийн өмнө
Scrolling through the comments, I find two main types of deluded commentators here | 这里有两种不清楚情况的人 - People that refuse to believe China is mostly COVID free | 有些人就不敢相信中国能够把新冠病毒案列降到两位数字 China has experienced a full, strictly enforced quarantine similar to New Zealand. The borders are also mostly sealed shut. - People that think the video is being biased by criticizing how China is donating vaccines | 也有些人没有理解视频的意思 这视频没有嘲笑中国给其他国家捐赠疫苗的行动,它解释了这也是一种外交方式。这个频道之前也发过一些中国反抗疫情的成功(比如说火神山医院的神速建造) I hope this clears up some of the confusion | 我希望这能解析一些疑惑
SpaceViking 23 цагийн өмнө
Over fishing continues.
Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙ ⲭⲏⲙⲓ
Ⲛⲓⲣⲉⲙ ⲭⲏⲙⲓ 23 цагийн өмнө
Egypt wants an agreement, Ethiopia does not. Ethiopia is refusing every agreement and sees the Nile as Ethiopian only and belongs to Ethiopia ONLY.
EliYah Yahweh
EliYah Yahweh 23 цагийн өмнө
You good man just like me 🥇🏆🕺💃👍
Selfdefender 23 цагийн өмнө
Yes, I wanted to have vacation on such a cruise ship. But I will NEVER EVER let anyone humiliate me with vaccination and wearing muzzle like a dog.
Eashan Bhat
Eashan Bhat 23 цагийн өмнө
Can we expect anything on Vaccines given by India in future videos?
Krlos T
Krlos T 23 цагийн өмнө
Good for them to provide free vaccines even if it is only diplomacy. Remember who spreaded HIV/AIDS around the world with their "parties" during the 70's and 80's and were never held accountable like they're pointing fingers now? Well, there is no vaccine yet for HIV, and be sure that when is available with the new mARN technology, it will not be free by any means... How many millions have died due to this pandemic and yet to see people pointing fingers toward those countries that spreaded it.
Yeezy Yankie
Yeezy Yankie Өдрийн өмнө
When you're state is last. Finally at long last!
Boeing 787
Boeing 787 Өдрийн өмнө
How to enter any country without a visa: Be involved in a non-fatal plane crash and walk onto foreign soil
Xiao Yu
Xiao Yu Өдрийн өмнө
This channel used to do insightful analysis. Now it's just doing trivial rereading of corporate news.
Dontzkillmeh Өдрийн өмнө
The View Counter seems quite low....
Retrigot Өдрийн өмнө
i wonder if other countries like in europe have problems like this :thinker:
Romeo Lachapelle
Romeo Lachapelle Өдрийн өмнө
movie soon coming our story...different boat love will go...or not!...The Shinning on boat!
ToIsleOfView Өдрийн өмнө
Nothing will stop the covid virus from infecting every person on the planet. Some will get it worse than others but medical treatment will keep people from dying and this is the only way this virus will be tamed. The "vaccine" will prove to be WORSE than having COVID. we need 3 -5 years for Covid to run it''s course in humanity.
Sudo Nim
Sudo Nim Өдрийн өмнө
China: *suppresses COVID so well they no longer have a population to test on* Suffering from success
Cheng Fu
Cheng Fu Өдрийн өмнө
My personal Paradise
Ken Thomson
Ken Thomson Өдрийн өмнө
Well China better pay AND release our hostages
W THOR Өдрийн өмнө
The batteries are fundamentally flawed, just like my iPhone 2 yrs old and holds half the charge it did when new. Also without new battery tech there is no used car market, there is no resale value for used batteries.... this industry is the cart before the horse. We don’t need coal powered cars.
saddog Өдрийн өмнө
Like no shit, you always give your aids to your ally first (UK/Germany/France), you don't give it to Afghanistan/Iran/Iraq. Thanks!
Robert Ferris
Robert Ferris Өдрийн өмнө
Wow. You're talking about the Chevy Bolt, not the Volt. And an inverter converts DC to AC, not AC to DC. That $57k inverter you showed literally does the exact opposite of what is needed in charging a car.... Also, you're ignoring one of the main points here. You don't need DC fast chargers at the same coverage as gas stations, because these cars can charge slowly all night. You just need L2 chargers at houses and throughout cities, which in comparison, is much much less expensive. DC fast charging just needs to exist along interstate highway corridors to let you make road trips, but when these cars are used for typical day to day use, slow L2 charging is just fine. Most people don't out-drive the 200+ mile range most of these EVs have unless it's on a road trip. L2 chargers already pop up at a lot of hotels, municipal parking lots, apartment complexes, etc. As they expand, you can just plug in and charge while the car is parked all night. Easy peasy, no need for expensive DC fast charging, no need to stop anywhere else to fill up.
Ruslan Sivak
Ruslan Sivak Өдрийн өмнө
fewer stops, not less stops
Maryj Өдрийн өмнө
I would take a covid test, do a 9-14 night ocean cruise with no destination and come back to the same port... I love sea days.
Stefan Lipsius
Stefan Lipsius Өдрийн өмнө
Question. Could a dam, or series of weirs in Egypt help this situation? Keep the river higher even with lower flow.
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Өдрийн өмнө
This is so racist and evil that they can’t vote!! That just shows pure racism!!!
Thunder Spirits
Thunder Spirits Өдрийн өмнө
I don't get it. If I am unconscious then I cannot give my consent to be air-lifted which also mean no one can force me to pay their massive bill, right? I mean, do I even have the right to refuse to be transported via air ambulance? or at least choose the transportation method/provider?
Xu Yi
Xu Yi Өдрийн өмнө
I’m speaking on behalf of my parents, who live in China. Most Chinese people right now don’t want vaccine. The city my parents live, Guangzhou, has > 20 million population and 0 new daily cases, and their life is completely back to normal. Vaccinated or not, they are not getting COVID... So they actually don’t care that much about vaccine at all...
Khúc Thần
Khúc Thần Өдрийн өмнө
They needed will and of course monney, and technology "transfer". Do other countries have these three?
Henry Colinton
Henry Colinton Өдрийн өмнө
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Jonathan Adams
Jonathan Adams 22 цагийн өмнө
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Investor Jenni
Investor Jenni 22 цагийн өмнө
How can l contact her?
john young
john young Өдрийн өмнө
Ev vehicles are not the answer hydrogen is a better option but people just don't understand what it takes to make your batteries and the pollution is no different to oil and gas vehicles .
Calvin Bowen
Calvin Bowen Өдрийн өмнө
Japan is better at railroads.
Jonathan Blood
Jonathan Blood Өдрийн өмнө
Global warming sounds great... - opening up of all this land and the benefits - more food being grown than ever, more land becoming farmable. ... and only a couple of islands under water, let's get to warming folks! :)
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde Өдрийн өмнө
Africa is a country like any others. It’s just racism that spreads nothing but the bad things about it. There are bad things, but it also has beautiful things, beautiful countries and beautiful cultures and so many different beautiful people. So it’s still working on things, but it is colonisation that caused it to so many problems on the continent. People are responsible for their actions. The government corruption, division and poverty were caused by western colonisation.
apangel100 Өдрийн өмнө
Singapore has a GDP of 372 Billion dollars while Rwanda has a GDP of 10 Billion dollars. Singapore it is not.
social3ngin33rin Өдрийн өмнө
Never been on a cruise but I'm watching this :)
Kool Өдрийн өмнө
hispanic tutorial: step one: tell your dad
mishal Adara
mishal Adara Өдрийн өмнө
4:18 no more Russian babies for the United States of North America
Code G.I.R.L
Code G.I.R.L Өдрийн өмнө
3:19 I’m no French speaker, but your French sounds pretty nice!